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Huge projects that will make Istanbul the capital of the world

Huge projects that will make Istanbul the capital of the world

Istanbul has not been named the capital of the world in for nothing. The revolution in Istanbul in recent years makes it the capital of the world with excellence and the preferred tourist and investment destination of many countries. This makes the Ottoman capital a future city away from its historical and geographical wealth. Which arise in this miraculous city.

Istanbul enjoys the lion’s share of the most important projects on which the Turkish government works on, which will change Istanbul’s economic and social landmarks and make it the capital of the world due to its strategic location and the city’s global business volume.

The most important projects of Istanbul:

Infrastructure projects

Istanbul is one of the largest cities in the world with more than 15 million people. It covers an area of 5461 kilometers and is characterized by high quality infrastructure. Istanbul continues to strengthen its infrastructure by creating large projects that reduce the cost and time of movement inside and outside.

Eurasia Tunnel linking Asia to Europe

The Eurasia Tunnel is one of the largest projects undertaken by the Turkish government linking the city through its Asian and European sections through a tunnel under the Sea of Marmara, which will reduce travel time between the two sections from 100 minutes to 15 minutes only. The government is expanding the tunnel access roads to increase capacity.

The third bridge, the bridge of Yavuz Sultan Salim

The move between Istanbul and Asia has become easier with the launch of the third bridge in Istanbul, which reduces traffic between the two sections, such as the Eurasia Tunnel, which enhances the internal trade between the two sections because the third bridge is not only for normal transport vehicles but also for big trucks , The third bridge is also connected to the northern Marmara road, which is the best connecting line between Kinali, Canakkale, Saafash Tepe and Izmir main road.

The third airport, one of the world’s largest airports

On 6750 hectares of land, Grand Istanbul will be one of the largest airports in the world with a capacity of 150 million passengers, which will become an international flight center. The third airport will contain 165 passenger bridges, 3 observation towers, 6 independent runways, 16 motorways The airport will be connected to the third bridge and the northern Marmara road connected to the city of Izmir.

Istanbul an  International Financial Center

Turkey’s plan to make its economy one of the world’s top ten economies depends on making Turkey a global financial center. Hawk International is designing and implementing on an area of 170 acres on the Asian side of the city, and specifically at atasehir.

The Istanbul Financial Center will house the main offices of the country’s dominant financial markets, as well as state-owned banks and privately-owned banks. The center will encompass nearly 45 million square feet of office space, residential units, a conference hall, hotels, garage and other financial facilities that will make it the largest financial center in the region.

New Istanbul Canal

Istanbul Canal is Turkey’s long-awaited dream. The Turkish government has announced the launch of the Istanbul Canal project, which will reach the Black Sea by the Sea of Marmara and the Aegean Sea by the Mediterranean Sea. The channel will divide the European side of Istanbul into an independent island with beaches on the Sea of Marmara and the Black Sea.

Istanbul canal will push Istanbul years forward, especially in the field of maritime navigation as the channel will be an relief for the Bosporus Strait, which receives 59 thousand ships annually. The channel will play a major role in the development of real estate investments in Arnaoutkoy.

What do you know about Turkey 2023?

Turkey’s 2023 vision is based on achieving the following developmental objectives:

  • The rapid growth and progress of the Turkish economy to share the top ten ranks with the ten most powerful economies in the world
  • Achieve a gross domestic product of up to $ 2 trillion by 2023
  • Raise the citizen’s income to 25 thousand US dollars annually
  • Reducing the unemployment rate to 5%
  • Increase the foreign trade to reach 500 billion dollars annually
  • Attract 50 million tourists annually and increase the annual tourism revenue to 50 billion dollars
  • Turkey’s entry into the European Union by 2023 and the pursuit of regional integration through security and economic cooperation

Turkey is working to strengthen its economic poles to attract foreign investments , strengthen the local business environment and facilitate the infrastructure for doing business. Istanbul is Turkey’s most important pole for Turkey’s 2023 goals. This is why Istanbul is one of the largest cities attracting international investment. Istanbul will witness the next five years will be a revolutionary, Istanbul is preparing to hijack the spotlight as the best tourist and economic destinations for the year 2018.

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